2. Who is it for?

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The Notion-Paywall Next.js template can benefit you if:

  • You’ve got Notion resources you’d like to sell access to.
  • You own a web domain or are willing to obtain one.
  • You’ve got a Stripe account or are willing to create one.
  • You can code (or know someone who can) to set up:
    • Stripe webhooks to automatically grant access for your customers
    • an SMTP server (e.g. mailgun.com) to send “welcome” & “sign-in” emails
    • a Prisma-compatible database to store reader session cookies
    • and slack notifications (optional).

Do NOT invest if:

  • You need subscriptions out of the box. Notion-Paywall currently supports one-time payments suitable for e-books, programmes, recipe collections, etc. While Stripe checkout does support subscriptions, some non-trivial code adjustments would be needed to account for recurring revenue, cancellations, etc. If you really want Notion-Paywall to support subscriptions, please voice your opinion here.

OK, you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention… How exactly does it work?

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