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This is a 1-to-1 mirror of a private Notion page. It’s deployed to a custom domain and, thanks to Next.js, it syncs right after you edit stuff in Notion ⚡
The page looks & feels just like Notion…
…but sits behind a partial paywall.
This means that previews of your content can be indexed by search engines which’ll generate more access points for your potential readers & customers!

Content above the paywall serves as a teaser

💡 If you’re selling a technical e-book/manual, you can explain topics with selective code highlighting so aha moments happen faster 😮
POST locations/_search
  "query": {
    "geo_bounding_box": {
      "geometry.coordinates": {
        "bottom_left": [-74.32457, 40.51119],
        "top_right": [-73.72444, 40.93012]
Example courtesy of the Elasticsearch Handbook

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